About Stem Cell Center of Texas

Regenerative Medicine located in Willow Park, TX

The Stem Cell Center of Texas is a premier clinic in Willow Park, Texas, specializing in one of today’s most cutting-edge treatments: stem cell therapy. Board-certified family and emergency medicine specialist Nadeem Khan, MD, and his exceptional team welcome everyone from young adults through seniors, whether they need relief from pain, have a slow-healing injury, or want to pursue preventive care.

Stem cell therapy uses each patient’s own adult stem cells to treat many injuries and health conditions. As the gold standard of regenerative medicine, stem cells naturally self-replicate, producing new cells that heal damaged tissues anywhere in the body, reduce inflammation, and ease pain.

Patients seek stem cell treatments to speed healing and improve the symptoms caused by conditions ranging from arthritis and orthopedic conditions to autoimmune disorders and fibromyalgia. The expert team also recommends regenerative stem cell therapy to restore healthy nerves and enhance recovery from brain injuries.

Many people connect with the Stem Cell Center of Texas to create a personalized age defense plan. The team recommends lifestyle changes that slow the effect of aging on stem cells and teach about the benefits of stem cell banking.

Call the Stem Cell Center of Texas today or connect online to schedule an appointment and learn how stem cell therapy improves cognitive and physical health.