Age Defense

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Age Defense services offered in Willow Park, TX

The aging you see in wrinkled skin and feel in creaky joints begins deep within your body, in stem cells that slow down or lose their ability to work as you get older. Nadeem Khan, MD, and his experienced team at Stem Cell Center of Texas offer advanced solutions that promote age defense by preserving healthy stem cells and using them to heal age-related health problems. Call the office in Willow Park, Texas, today, or connect online to request an appointment and learn more about the role of stem cells in staying healthy and strong as you get older.

What age defense steps can I take?

You can’t prevent the natural age-related changes in your body. But you can slow the aging process by adjusting your lifestyle.

Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy body weight support your physical well-being and have the power to stop genetic tendencies that increase your risk of chronic diseases.

Healthy habits also positively affect your stem cells, which are directly responsible for aging. But you can do more to fight aging by seeking the advanced services at the Stem Cell Center of Texas.

How are stem cells related to age defense?

Aging begins at the cellular level, specifically in your stem cells. Stem cells are at the heart of your ongoing health because they have two unique abilities.

Stem cells regenerate every type of cell needed to heal tissues damaged by an injury or disease. They also self-replicate, ensuring a constant supply of stem cells.

Stem cells thrive throughout your body, but they don’t do anything until they’re activated by damaged tissues. Then, they self-duplicate, saving a fresh, blank stem cell while producing a copy that can develop into the different cells needed for healing — a process called differentiation.

Unfortunately, stem cells are also affected by aging. As you get older, they lose their ability to self-renew and differentiate. In some cases, stem cell differentiation gets out of sync, and some new cells develop while others don’t.

These stem cell changes lead to degenerative diseases and dysfunctional tissues and organs. Cancer cells can hijack age-damaged stem cells and use them to grow.

How can stem cell services support age defense?

The Stem Cell Center of Texas offsets age-related stem cell stress with:

Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy uses your own adult stem cells to treat injuries and degenerative diseases. Your provider removes stem cells from your body and injects them into the damaged tissues or delivers them by IV to reach tissues throughout your body.

Preventive care (stem cell banking)

The Stem Cell Center of Texas harvests adult stem cells and preserves them for future use. You can take advantage of this service in young or middle adulthood and have healthy stem cells when you need them as you get older.

Call the Stem Cell Center of Texas or book online today to learn more about the age defense benefits of stem cells.